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Why is it important to groom your dog?

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a pampered pooch or a scruffy mutt it's important that they are groomed regularly.  Regular visits to the grooming salon can be of enormous benefit to your dogs health and well being.  Grooming is important because it:

  • Accustoms your dog to regular handling.

  • Removes dead hair and prevents matting of the fur.

  • Keeps the coat in good condition by aerating the coat and promoting healthy growth.

  • Helps to keep grease levels down — a build-up of grease in a dog’s coat can block pores and cause sebaceous cysts.

  • Keeps your dog smelling good.

  • Helps to spot any health issues, lumps, bumps and skin conditions early as your dog will receive a health check as part of their groom.

  • Reduces stress and gives your dog a sense of well being.

  • Allows your dog to be clipped or trimmed in the best style for their breed and lifestyle and to your specific requirements.

And of course a visit to the grooming salon will make your dog look his or her very best.

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