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Dog Walks in and Around York

As the owner of three dogs myself I am always looking for new places to take the dogs for a nice walk.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to list a few of my favourites.  If anyone has any suggestions to add to the list please do send through the details.  I hope this page will be a really useful resource for the dog owners of York.

Castle Howard and Surrounds Three circular routes starting from Welburn ranging from two to six miles.  Click here to download the leaflet that give you directions and a map to follow for each route.

Wheldrake Woods.  This is forestry commission owned and accessed via a road going past the community centre down the side of the school in the centre of Wheldrake.  There is a main hardcore track through the woods which is great if you want to avoid the mud, but I prefer to take the side tracks and do a big loop round the woods that takes about and hour.  There is good parking but no other facilities on site. Click here for location info.

Allerthorpe Woods.  This is another of my favourite spots as my dogs love woods. Located  just off the A1079 before you get to Pocklington, there is a main car park and a couple of other good parking spots at different entrances to the woods.  Click here for directions.  There are various paths around the woods, I have a regular route that takes me about 1hr 15 mins.  It is all flat and generally not too bad underfoot, although there can be muddy patches.

Yearsley / Ampleforth Woods.  This is a really good cholce if you want a mud free walk as there are some really good paths around the woods.  Again there are various routes you can take depending how long you want to walk for.  You can take in the fish ponds which are rather nice.  It is a bit up and down but there is some great scenery.  Head to Yearsley and you can turn into the woods and park to start your walk.


Reighton Sands.  If you want to head for the coast this is one of my very favourite beaches. There is free parking at the top and a stunning beach which during the week is almost completely empty.  You can walk either way on the beach.  Dogs are allowed all year round.  If you turn left you can head towards Humanby where there is a cafe and toilets just up the path off the beach.  You drive past Reighton Sands holiday park and park in the car park at the end of the road (watch out for the potholes!).   Click here for location.  Check the tide times here before you go and avoid high tide if you want a decent area of beech

Clifton Ings.   If you don't want to go too far this is a good choice for a nice walk.  Park in the Rawcliffe Park and Ride and you can start your walk from here.  I go down the path and turn left just over the cattle grid, then turn right down the side of the trees just before the first gate and you can then do a big loop around walking on the top of the flood defence.  The loop is 5 kilometers and follows the river for the first half before turning back down the main path to get back to the park and ride.  You can pick your route for shorter walks. 

Fraisthorpe Beach.  Another dog friendly beach on the East Coast where dogs are allowed off lead all year round.  There is a charge for car parking here and some toilets.  Click here for location. Check the tide times here before you go and avoid high tide if you want a decent area of beech.

Hob Moor.  Great for a quick walk with the dogs if you are the Acomb side of town.  Beware that in the summer months there can be cows grazing on the moor, but they are used to dogs and not a problem unless your pooch has a tendancy to chase them.  There are various places to park and entrances around the moor.  The Lidl car park is one I ofen use.  Click here for details.

Danes Dyke / Flamborough Head.   This was a great find and is a lovely walk, starting in the woods at Danes Dyke nature reserve ( you can then get down onto the beach and walk up towards Flamborough Head or you can walk along the cliff tops (or one way on beach and then other way on cliffs).  I prefer the beach with the dogs as always worry one of them will dissapear off the edge of the cliffs!  The beach is very pebbly, so you need some decent footwear.  You can also do this walk the other way by starting at the car park at Flamborough Head South Landing and walk back towards Danes Dyke.   You also get to the beach via a walk down through some woods from here and there is a sculpture trail which is nice.  There is a pay and display car park with toilets and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre.   Click here for location if you want to start this end.  Don't forget to check the tide times here before you go and try to avoid high tide.or there wont be much beach to walk on. 


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